This work is the second set of folk songs composed as a tribute to the people of the old Cajun folksong culture. Cajuns are descendants of the Acadians, a group of early French colonists who settled in Nova Scotia and were driven south to Louisiana by the British in the mid-1750s. Louisiana-born Frank Ticheli based these works on folk melodies whose precise origins are unknown, freely combining them with original music. In the first movement, he opens with a personal reflective brass chorale, followed by two different settings of a Cajun folk song. This melancholy "Ballad," with its starkly beautiful textures and harmonies, is followed by a brash and lively "Country Dance." This music evokes the energetic feeling and style of a Cajun two-step, a form commonly used in the dance halls of southern Louisiana, and also has stylistic similarities to Scottish folk dances and the American hoedown. Dr. Ticheli is currently Associate Professor of Music at the University of Southern California and Composer-in-Residence of the Pacific Symphony Orchestra. --James Huff 21:55, March 25, 2007 (EDT) (from the program notes of The Claremont Winds, submitted with permission)