"Come Down O Love Divine" was one of 92 hymns written by Bianco da Siena in the fourteenth century. Translated into English by the Rev. Richard F. Littledale, this hymn has been popularly set to two tunes: "Down Ampney" by Ralph Vaughn Williams, and "North Petherton" by William H. Harris. Also known as "Doc H", Sir. William H. Harris obtained his first job as "assistant organist" at age 14 in 1897. He later went to the Royal College of Music to study the organ under Walter Parrott, and composition with Stanford and Woods. "North Petherton" is the tune popularized in Hymns Ancient and Modern, but "Doc H" also arranged it for a four part choir (SATB) with an organ accompaniment. Reflective of the optimistic times following the coronation of Elizabeth II, this hymn is often played at Weddings. With its lyrics we joyously invite the Holy Spirit to enter us, and make us worthy of it.

"Come down, O Love divine,

Seek thou this soul of mine,

And visit it with thine own ardour glowing."