This short work for flugelhorn and piano was completed in 2004, after some time of existing in a sketchbook as a mere melody with piano accompaniment that was first written during one of Wallin's performance tours and inspired by the sights of Pittsburgh, PA. It wasn't until Wallin met James Huff, a young trumpet and flugelhorn player at Cal Poly, Pomona - the man she would eventually marry - that it was suggested to her that she might turn her "Pittsburgh Melody" into a solo for flugelhorn.

The solo is both jazzy and mellow, balanced with a rhythmic accompaniment that runs energetically alongside it. Of the work, it has been said that it "is truly a work of art. The solo and accompaniment part blend perfectly and you can hear that there really is a symbolic relationship between the two. Pittsburgh Melody is definitely worth the time to listen” (James Huff). --Sarah Wallin 07:46, 13 May 2008 (UTC)

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