James Huff presents Program Notes, an exciting new resource for ensemble directors, educators, students, and anyone else with a general interest in music and stage history.

Program notes are short paragraphs or essays providing details about a work being performed and can usually be found in the accompanying program. They often provide historical notes about the time period, the composer or writer's thoughts, and sometimes a critic's interpretation in order to establish a setting or capture the audience's imagination.

Several program note resources exist today, both online and in print. These resources; however, are typically designed for one genre, one ensemble type, or contributed to by one author. Program Notes is a free, volunteer-powered, collaborative database of program notes for all genres and ensemble types, and anyone is welcome to contribute or use the program notes in our database for any purpose.

To get started, select one of the categories on the main page or use the search box in the top-right corner.

Visit the help page for information on submitting program notes and other general operations.

We now have program notes for 187 compositions and counting!

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