Paule Maurice (1910-1967) composed Tableaux de Provence for saxophone and orchestra between the years 1954 to 1959 and dedicated the piece to Marcel Mule, a saxophone virtuoso and good friend. The Tableaux de Provence is a staple in the saxophone literature.

The "Tableaux" is a series of musical pictures from the area known as Provence in the southeast corner of France bordering the Mediterranean. Ms. Maurice explains each of the five sections: in the first movement the Farandoulo di Chatouno (Dance of the Young Girls), is the joyous sound of young girls in France dancing to the provenceal dance , known as the farandoll; the second movement Cansoun Per Ma Mio (Song for My Love), is a serenade whose accompaniment sounds the open strings of the guitar at the beginning of the piece. La Boumiano (The Bohemian Women or The Gypsy), is a rhythmic soliloquy of the people of mige. In Dis Alyscamps I'amo Souspire (A Sigh on the Souls for the Alyscamps), is the laments of friends hover over the cemetary at Alyscamps expressing sadness. Finally Lou Cabridan; Cabridan is described as a great, flying creature, turning and bustling through the provence. He takes a moment to poise on the flowers, then, watching his chance, flees his narrow valley. The contrasting movements of this work are full of animation and charm. This piece is considered one of Maurice's finest! --Lori Rosenbauer Huff 15:04, April 1, 2007 (EDT)