Mozart’s “Kegelstatt Trio”, Trio in E flat Major for Piano, Clarinet and Viola. K. 498 (1786), earned its nickname because Mozart and his good friends Gottfried and Franziska von Jacquin had parties every week where they would play games, have discussions and make music. Mozart wrote several pieces of music to be performed at the Jacquin house, particularly for Franziska, who was a student of Mozart’s. “Kegelstatt” is the German word for “skittles”, which is a game that evolved into the equivalent of today’s bowling. Mozart wrote on his autograph manuscript “Vienna, 27 July 1786 while playing skittles”, most likely with Gottfried and Franziska. The trio was performed at the Jacquin house with Franziska playing the piano, Mozart playing the viola, and Anton Stadler playing the clarinet. --Sarah Wallin 04:34, 17 May 2008 (UTC) (program notes written by pianist Brigitte Garney, submitted with permission)